More than 100 petitions about the EU referendum on the UK government website

The campaigns on the EU referendum have been heated and controversial and the debate is certainly not over. On the website that allows to petition the UK government and parliament, there are currently more than 100 requests related to the vote.

One of them, a petition calling for a second referendum on the EU membership, will be debated on Monday 5 September at the House of Commons. Started in May by a Leave campaigner, after the vote the petition gathered more than 4 million signatures, mainly of Remainers. The claim is that there should be a second consultation in case of a majority of less than 60% based on a turnout of less than 75% (the Leave won with a 52% majority based on a 72% turnout). Although the Prime Minister has repeatedly said there won’t be a second referendum, the petition will be discussed as it received more than 100,000 signatures. A call to invoke immediately Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the formal step to start the divorce from the EU, has been supported by more than 120,000 signatures and will have to be considered for debate too.

In June, the majority of Britons chose to leave the European Union and since then discussions have continued on if and how this decision should be enforced. There is a lot of apprehension in both the Remain and the Leave camps and many people have have taken the petition route to vent their concerns. Calls range from the appointment of a youth representative in the Brexit negotiations to a public enquiry on how the campaigns were conducted. There are also requests to remove the EU flag from public buildings, to delete French words from the cover of British passports and even to reintroduce the death penalty after the UK leaves the EU.

Here is the list of petitions spurred by the referendum that have received so far at least 100 signatures.

1) EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum.

2) Invoke Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty immediately.

3) We require any Brexit deal preserves UK access to EU collaborative R&D programs.

4) Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act immediately on EU Referendum out vote.

5) Ask the Government not to invoke article 50 of the Lisbon treaty.

6) Use 3 separate independent organisations to count the EU referendum votes.

7) The 23 June should be designated as Independence Day, and celebrated annually.

8) Let Parliament decide whether or not we remain a member of the European Union.

9) Not to allow freedom of movement as part of any deal with the EU after Brexit.

10) All European Union flags, emblems and logos be removed from all public buildings.

11) Maintain the Erasmus scheme despite Britain’s exit from the European Union.

12) Commit to healthcare arrangements for British pensioners living in the EU.

13) Deny the request for a second EU referendum.

14) Hold a second referendum on leaving the EU once exit terms have been negotiated.

15) Vote on an early General Election before sending Article 50.

16) Allow EU citizens to remain in the UK after exit from the EU with same rights.

17) Create an independent authority to fact-check political campaign materials.

18) Protect UK Environment & Wildlife – adopt European environmental legislation.

19) Grant section 30 order to devolve powers for a 2nd Referendum.

20) Northern Ireland Border Poll for United Ireland in the EU in response to Brexit.

21) The petition calls upon MPs not to repeal the European Communities Act 1972.

22) On Brexit British expatriates should retain their healthcare within the EU.

23) Public inquiry into misleading claims and pledges made during the EU referendum.

24) Keep the EU’s environmental protection laws for the UK.

25) Fast track naturalisation for EU citizens resident in the UK longer than 5 years.

26) Negotiate the possiblity of British citizens opting to keep their EU citizenship.

27) Make UK political advertising subject to the Advertising Code.

28) Government to confirm that the June EU referendum was non-binding and advisory.

29) United Kingdom to not leave the EU.

30) Declare the 23 June EU referendum null as many UK expatriates were unrepresented.

31) An independent England, free of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

32) Do Not Grant An Amnesty To allow illegal immigrants to remain after Brexit.

33) We want the government to explain why there was no threshold in the Referendum.

34) Provide information about the EU referendum on 23 June in British Sign Language.

35) We ask for an independent review of the validity of the EU referendum franchise.

36) Grant an amnesty to all illegal immigrants living in the UK prior to 23.06.2016.

37) Call a snap general election now that the UK have voted to leave the EU.

38) Declare the result of the EU referendum null.

39) Keep the Free Movement of People Between the UK and the EU.

40) Simplify the process of getting British citizenship for resident EU citizens.

41) Ask the PM to explain the deception on the true legal status of the EU vote.

42) No 2 year EU “Article 50” procedure to delay leaving the EU for 2 years.

43) Reintroduce the death penalty once the UK leaves the European Union.

44) Remove EU flags from public buildings immediately because of the EU result.

45) EU nationals to apply for British Citizenship for free.

46) Put the British army on our side of the Euro tunnel.

47) Art50: Wait for a proposal from the EU on reform, before triggering Article 50.

48) Stop further public funds being used to set out the case for remaining in the EU.

49) Formally consult resident EU citizens on whether the UK should leave the EU.

50) After the EU vote, we call for the dismantlement of the unelected House of Lords.

51) Demand a second Scottish referendum if the UK votes to leave the EU.

52) Ensure that the Brexit EU deal maintains free trade, research, and movement.

53) Ensure that the United Kingdom remains in the European Economic Area (EEA).

54) Hold a referendum in London to become an independent city state.

55) Hold a General Election within the next six months.

56) Remove all French words from the cover of new British passports.

57) British Parliment should not have a summer recess this year.

58) Stop Britain from being subjected to all new EU regulations and treaty changes.

59) Parliament to save the UK from breaking up by rejecting the EU referendum vote.

60) Recognise Brexit is too costly, cancel and prioritise spending on the NHS.

61) Hold a second referendum exclusively for 16 and 17-year olds.

62) Delay EU exit until referendum campaigns are fully investigated for truthfulness.

63) A second EU referendum including 16 and 17 year olds.

64) Call for a second EU referendum as the first did not have a clear mandate.

65) Pause, plan and review before a decision on Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

66) Following EU Referendum, Brexit team to be formed from elected MEPs and MPs.

67) Give all UK citizens voting rights in a second EU referendum.

68) Call EU supplementary referendum for UK permanent residents without UK citizenship.

69) Hold another UK EU referendum in which UK residents can vote alongside Brits.

70) Delay invoking Article 50 until Expert Commission reviews impact of Brexit on UK.

71) Demand MPs to hold an anonymous poll on the EU Referendum (Stay/Leave).

72) Hold a Referendum on key Brexit deals before giving Article 50 notice.

73) Ask UK Government to Guarantee the UK membership to the European Research Area.

74) Official EU Referendum result of leave announced 24th June 2016 must be carried.

75) Make the BBC declare an interest when broadcasting on the EU referendum.

76) Don’t leave the EU without guarantees of Vote Leave’s promises.

77) A second referendum to consider the issue of Brexit before Article 50 is invoked.

78) A confirmatory referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU should be held.

79) A second EU referendum including EU nationals living and working in the UK.

80) UK to offer free trade deals with any EU country that votes out in a referendum.

81) Reduce the fees for citizenship application for EU nationals.

82) Public apology of UK Government to EU immigrants.

83) Parliament to make 24th June a public bank holiday if the UK vote to leave EU.

84) Referendums should require a two thirds majority to mandate any change.

85) Bring VAT back down to 15% immediately after EU exit has been completed.

86) Reform the democratic system to work honestly for the people it serves.

87) Equal voting rights for EU citizens resident in the UK – Void the referendum.

88) Invest an extra £350 million per week in to the NHS.

89) Regulate political campaign material and communications.

90) Allocate UK share of the EU science budget to UKRI for transnational research.

91) Allow foreign nationals who are UK citizens of 3 yrs+ equal voting rights.

92) The UK will not leave the single market without a further referendum.

93) Cancel the validity of the EU referendum as the government held it illegally.

94) To guarantee the rights of EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals in the EU.

95) The Government ignores the EU and starts to negotiate and sign trade deals now.

96) Brexit should not include free movement of people or contributions to EU funds.

97) Secure the UK’s membership of the European Single Market as soon as possible.

98) Hold a public enquiry to the conduct of both sides of the EU referendum campaign.

99) To appoint an independent judicial body to review the EU referendum campaign.

100) Appoint a youth representative to negotiations on exiting the European Union.

101) Allow European residents living in UK to vote if there’s another EU referendum.

102) The UK must not leave the European Economic Area (EEA) without a referendum.

103) Commit to close the funding gap in UK science research left by leaving the EU.

104) After The EU, Let The Public Decide Where £350 Million A Week Should Be Spent.

105) If we ‘Remain’, UK should have a referendum on our EU membership every 5 years.

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