Europe Street News is an online magazine covering citizens’ rights in Europe. Launched in August 2016 to inform EU nationals in the UK and British residents in the rest of the EU about their changing status in the context of Brexit, Europe Street News covers, through a website and a newsletter, everything related to EU rights and freedom of movement in the European Union. It is a unique source of information for anyone interested in a European perspective on the changing relationship between the UK and the European Union.

Our core principles:

  • Focus on people
  • Practical approach
  • European transnational perspective
  • Quality information
  • Full independence.

“One of the best online sources for Brexit”
The Spokesman, journal of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, November 2017.


Founder and Editor: Claudia Delpero

Claudia is a journalist specialised in EU and international affairs. She has 20 years of experience in media and public affairs across Europe, China and Africa. Originally from Turin, Claudia worked as a journalist in Italy and as a press officer at the European parliament in Brussels, where she covered constitutional affairs. She was head of communications at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Brussels and Beijing before moving to London, where she runs Europe Street News and she regularly writes about the European Union. Contact: [email protected]

Advisory Board: Christoph Schedl, Business Advisor; Elio Silva, Senior advisor.

Social Media: Anna Geibig, Anna Boccassini

Website: Alberto Miori, Paul McClenaghan

Seen on Europe Street: Michaela Benson, Claudia Civinini, Jan Doerfel, Margherita Gagliardi, Jane Golding, Hedwig Hegtermans, Roxanne Mackie, Silvia Martelli, Noelia Martinez, Soile Pietikäinen, Philip Seargeant, Tony Simpson, Lora Tabakova, Anthony Valcke, Tony Venables.

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